Bringing the benefits of precision agriculture to smallholder farmers in Europe


Tillage Scheduling

Tillage SchedulingKnow when to till for best results, avoiding soil degradation and saving energy

Crop Growth Monitoring

Crop Growth MonitoringKeep an eye on the state and health ofcrops from emergence to harvest

Weather Forecast and Alerts

Weather Forecast and AlertsWeather forecasts and major weather eventsalerts

Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation SchedulingFind out when and how much to water yourcrops, reduce waste and avoid over-irrigating

Crop Yield Estimation

Crop Yield EstimationAnalyse field productivity and makebetter-informed decisions on whether to sell or store

Farm Management Zoning

Farm Management ZoningAnalyse the field’s past to better understand its future



Free EU satellite data from Copernicus and automated processing make FARMINTEL services affordable for all farmers.



Monitor your crops and get reports and alerts anywhere, at any time.

Easy to use

Developed with farmers for farmers.




FARMINTEL is a platform providing precision agriculture information services such as irrigation scheduling, tillage scheduling, crop growth monitoring, yield estimation, weather forecasts and alerts, and farm management zoning. FARMINTEL aims to help farmers, agricultural consultants and cooperatives to improve their daily workflows and become more efficient. FARMINTEL is the commercial product which was developed under the EU-funded APOLLO project.

For which kinds of crops can I use FARMINTEL? Can I use it for multiple fields?

Currently you can use FARMINTEL for arable crops such as cotton, wheat, maize, etc. More crops are being tested and validated and will be added in the future. FARMINTEL can be used for multiple fields.

In which countries is FARMINTEL operational?

FARMINTEL is currently operational in Greece, Serbia and Spain. If you are interested to use it for crops in areas outside of these countries please contact us here: to discuss what we can do for you. FARMINTEL aims to expand in more countries in the future.

I would like to purchase FARMINTEL, how much does it cost? Can I try it for free?

If you are interested to find out what FARMINTEL can do for your farm you can contact us via email here: or sign up in the following form. Stay tuned to learn more about FARMINTEL’s pricing schemes.

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